About the project

Test area mattresses.Inside this special area you can test the best products specifically for those looking for a perfect support for their rest.To help each in choosing their own personal mattress, Gelosa architecture + interior design furniture uses a test that gives way to the customer, answering a few questions, to reflect on its real needs and to choose for your own purchase the most appropriate mattress. The test bed system (mattress + pillow + network), the only way to get the true quality of rest, may be made, in a specially designed area with the assistance of qualified personnel. The line consists in Respiro® latex mattresses, Aquapure ® foam mattresses, foam Aquapure ® Soya mattresses, mattresses in Bodyform®, Bodyform® Soya mattresses, latex foam mattresses, foam mattresses and visco-elastic temperature sensitive, mattresses independent springs, mattresses Bonnell springs, supports, mattresses, pillows. orthopedic mattresses, ergonomic mattresses,hypoallergenic mattresses, anti-mite mattresses.The target has always been to offer products that improve the quality of rest.

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