Bonaldo sofas

Right from the beginning in 1936, Bonaldo production has been characterized by the creation of refined, high-quality items which express the profound meaning of their experience and story.
A Company which has always kept innovation in mind:
Sixty years ago they tested the multiple possibilities offered by tubular pipes, today they are doing research on plastic materials and various alloys, aluminum die casting, low-density flexible polyurethane foam and polypropylene.
A ‘calling’ for high-tech products harmonized with man’s projectual ability and artisan’s touch. Their production is centered on the Italian taste and life-style to obtain unique, outstanding items enhanced by the intense dialogue with the new International trends in contemporary design.
A dialogue with the most innovative among designers. Ron Arad and Karim Rashid, Mauro Lipparini, Toshiyuki Kita and Denis Santachiara, D’Urbino and Lomazzi, Giuseppe Viganò: are some of the prestigious interlocutors chosen by the Company in its constant effort to redefine domestic landscapes through a wide range of proposals of great visual impact. Their mission and their policy are more and more appreciated by the public around the world and are gaining them a large number of National and International awards from the professional operators in the field.
This Brand keeps maintaining its preeminent position in the Made in Italy Furniture Products.

Gelosa Arredi Lissone offers a wide range of BONALDO furnishing items for the living area: Sofas, armchairs. BONALDO is one of the three market leaders in the sector, well-known at home and abroad for the high-quality of its furniture and for their MADE IN ITALY innovative design.
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Indirizzo: Via Matteotti, 84 Lissone (MB)
Tel. +39 039/465.50.87
Tel. +39 039/482.683
Fax +39 039/245.12.80


Indirizzo: Melchiore Gioia, 8 Milano
Tel. +39 02/87085740
Fax: +39 02/87085741