The BAXTER world is stimulating and energizing for designers and artisans who find new expression challenges in this exciting collaboration and confrontation. The strong point of this brand stands in the continuous evolution of the original project, in the constant capacity to express and make real the results of their research. Their furniture explains the concept far better than words do. Exclusive and distinctive shapes state the strong personality at the base of this brand. Here styles are born and projects blended.

Each of Baxter’s products is unique due to the virtuosity of the artisans who produce it and to the extreme quality of the hide. Every single detail is important, has motive and is executed with wise carefulness. The design of the products is originated by emotional dynamics with close attention to shapes and functionality thus resulting in the singularity of Baxter’s items which being non-standard, artisan-made products show tiny differences that, far from being faults, underline the singularity and exclusiveness of the item. Whatever item you choose, you will have something as unique as your own life story.

You can find all of Baxter’s sofas, beds, classical beds, storage beds, design beds, upholstered furniture, armchairs, accessories, tables, side-tables, chairs, lights and complements at Gelosa architecture and interior design,.

Gelosa architecture and interior design delivers to Milano, Monza, Monza and Brianza, Province of Milano, Pavia and its province, Lodi and its province, Lecco and its province, Como and its province, Varese and its province, Sondrio and its province, Brescia and its province, Bergamo and its province, Lugano and Canton Ticino and to all of Swiss.

Gelosa architecture and interior design delivers worldwide.




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