Presotto Industrie arredi is today one of the preeminent realities in the furnishing sector.
We offer furniture for the living area, in particular wall-systems, and for the bedroom, wardrobes, beds and complementary furnishing.
All the products by Presotto are flexible and modular so to ensure the best customization and a perfect result in each different housing environment.

Presotto designs functional furniture developed by their R&D Centre which is one of the most modern and sophisticated in Italy.

Presotto collaborates with some outstanding designers like Pierangelo Sciuto, Claudio Lovadina, Simone Micheli, Lorenzo Bellini, Marco Piva, Sophie Larger, Tormena-Neadesign, Rabadesign, Toyo Ito.

Gelosa Arredi Lissone offers a wide range of PRESOTTO furnishing items for the living area: bookcases, living-rooms and wall-systems.
Browse the rich photo-gallery displaying PRESOTTO bookcases and living-rooms proposed by Gelosa Arredi Lissone.

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Indirizzo: Via Matteotti, 84 Lissone (MB)
Tel. +39 039/465.50.87
Tel. +39 039/482.683
Fax +39 039/245.12.80


Indirizzo: Melchiore Gioia, 8 Milano
Tel. +39 02/87085740
Fax: +39 02/87085741