NOVAMOBILI is one of the protagonists on the international markets; its name is a synonym of quality both of the products and of the service offered. Novamobili is always up-to-date in the very dynamic and continuously evolving sector of furnishing. This Brand’s background is built on a relevant tradition and a punctual philosophy aiming to a constant research and based on a sincere commitment to sustainable development. These are the values on which NOVAMOBILI’s worldwide success is based.

Novamobili’s R&D department is of fundamental importance in the Company: there, new ideas and solutions come to life and are tested. An internal team, composed by designers and engineers who make use of cutting-edge software, follows the creation of the prototypes, the feasibility verifications, tests the materials, the work process, the functionality and the sustainability to certify and approve of the industrial production plan.

Gelosa Arredi Lissone offers a wide range of NOVAMOBILI furnishing items for the living area: bookcases, living-rooms. Day systems.
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