Novamobili bedrooms

Gelosa Arredi Lissone offers a wide range of NOVAMOBILI furnishing items for the bedroom: Wardrobes and beds.
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NOVAMOBILI is one of the protagonists on the international markets; its name is a synonym of quality both of the products and of the service offered. Novamobil is always up-to-date in the very dynamic and continuously evolving sector of furnishing. This Brand’s background is built on a relevant tradition and a punctual philosophy aiming to a constant research and based on a sincere commitment to sustainable development. These are the values on which NOVAMOBILI’s worldwide success is based.


Indirizzo: Via Matteotti, 84 Lissone (MB)
Tel. +39 039/465.50.87
Tel. +39 039/482.683
Fax +39 039/245.12.80


Indirizzo: Melchiore Gioia, 8 Milano
Tel. +39 02/87085740
Fax: +39 02/87085741