Simplified and pure lines and a ‘calling’ for flexibility and innovation. Clean lines and order. Rationalization of spaces in order to enhance habitability without renouncing to the pleasure of a fashionable environment. Design submitted to the requests imposed by comfort joined to the rules of taste following the principles of symmetry.

1980: – birth of an aesthetic. There is a strong link between Karol’s birth year and the will of renewing and combine use and shape in the design object; the will of linking use and aesthetical practice in a fructuous symbiosis. The purpose is celebrating a mixture between a useful place and a beautiful place, transforming the everyday geography into semantics of visual conquest. Spacing design and valuing the space: this is the bilateral ‘focus’ that presses any project; submitting the matter to the double idea of function and feeling. In this challenge with the goal of being functional and being beautiful at the same time, Karol develops its own operative plan; and so both executive needs of turning basically common materials into unique items through alternative solutions of manufacturing and of developing a dimension of manual care as well.

Gelosa Arredi Lissone offers a wide range of KAROL bath furnishing: accessories and bath cabinets. KAROL is one of the market leaders in the sector and its products are well-known and widely appreciated also abroad thanks to their high-quality standards and their MADE IN ITALY design.
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