A series of verifications, which thoroughly test the materials and the elements used in the creation of bath furnishing, are made in order to guarantee the duration and the safety of a piece of furniture.
In particular, resistance to humidity and to mechanical stress is fundamental parameters in the evaluation of the life span of a product.

Cerasa products are under a two-year warranty for manufacturing defects and faults, this demonstrates the high quality standards under which they are developed and manufactured.
To protect the customer’s interest and the environment, the materials chosen and the production methods are carefully evaluated not to cause any environmental instability and respect the regulations in force in the field of dangerous emission reduction.

Cerasa aims to offer its customers not only projects with exclusive and sophisticated lines, but also products built to last because they have been made with materials of proven reliability.

Gelosa Arredi Lissone offers a wide range of CERASA bath furnishing items: accessories and bath cabinets. CERASA is one of the market leaders in the sector and its products are well-known and widely appreciated also abroad thanks to their high-quality standards and their MADE IN ITALY design.
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