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GELOSA” has been operating in the sector since the end of the XIXth Century. Our Showroom occupies 3000 m2 and in team with our qualified firm of architects, interior and graphic designers – enables us to satisfy each of the customer’s requests and offer the most complete and widest range of services. We cannot be defined as simply as a furniture retailer. We are a group of professionals boasting almost one hundred fifty years of story ,valuable experience and a smart view of the future!
We have a wide exhibition area of more than 3000 m2 where our customers can personally verify the quality and the highly valuable design of our products. Our staff of professionals formed by  architects, home designers, interior designers and stylists grants you a project which fits your specific needs.


Our Story



The story of our Company, a family business at its birth, dates back to the end of the XIXth Century in Lissone, in the core of  Brianza. Our ancestors were crafts workers and carpenter; refined artisans able to realize a wide range of items. In 1919 Angelo Gelosa established the "Gelosa fu Luigi" factory which produced furniture and was managed by his three brothers and him. The factory realized furniture to be sold directly to the public both as single pieces and as complete furnishing.




In the 50’s, the eldest son, Gianfranco and  his wife Daria, transformed the family business into a design bound company which was able to satisfy the customers’ needs building  personalized items and furniture dedicated to those who could appreciate and recognize the value of experience , the expertise and ability in woodworking. Throughout the 60’s and the 70’s, Gelosa Showroom got wider and dedicated some new areas to the increased requests of a larger and larger clientele.



At the end of the 90’s, the company made a further step and got bigger also adding an interior designers’ team and Architectural Firm to its well rooted activity of woodwork selling in order to offer a wider and richer range of services to their customers. Starting from those years, Gelosa has become a reference point in the field of interior designing projects and has crossed the borders to realize design solutions in several countries in the world.



Since the year2000, our Showroom in conjunction with our Architectural Firm have realized a number of projects for a more and more demanding clientele in various parts of the world. In 2002 Gelosa became the sole distributor for Cesar Kitchen in Poland where we have 7 shops. 2012 Gelosa  is a well known and widely recognized reference point in the world of Interior Design. Thanks to our one-hundred-fifty-year long experience and to our constant strive towards innovation and evolution supported by a dynamic and up-to-date staff able to make use of multi-media  2D and 3D project techniques we offer a 360° Projectand service and exploit each of the opportunities provided by the  new selling network and communication system.




Gelosa opens the new Showroom in Milano, via Melchiorre Gioia, in the very centre of the trendiest area for companies which deal with furnishing.


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Indirizzo: Via Matteotti, 84 Lissone (MB)
Tel. +39 039/465.50.87
Tel. +39 039/482.683
Fax +39 039/245.12.80


Indirizzo: Melchiore Gioia, 8 Milano
Tel. +39 02/87085740
Fax: +39 02/87085741