Photorealistic Rendering

Thanks to 3D Design Technique, our customers can actually see the final result of the planned design solutions through a photorealistic rendering. This helps the customer visualize the finished environments and make better choices.

Nowadays, rendering and architectural design should always go together.

Being able to visualize the environments before they have actually been realized maximizes the chances to study and modify the project according to the customer’s needs.. 3D Rendering offers an essential support for verification and analysis of the ongoing project. .

Moreover, Rendering technique speeds up and simplifies the approval f the project as it helps the customer evaluate  the proposed solutions. That’s why GELOSA has been offering this precious service for years.

High quality 3D photorealistic scenes, aiming to the valorization and visualization of the environments and architectural projects, enable to simulate any kind of furnishing solutions including the quality and quantity of light, necessary to enlighten the rooms  and realize complex animations in order to show the most qualifying aspects of each project.


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